Seeking candidates for: Research Assistants / Doctoral Students in :

  • Two phD thesis positions, in nanoscience specialty, will be available in nanomaterial science and engineering including reactive nanostructures and thin films processing, advanced characterization and modelling. In addition to process development, advanced instrumentations such as high resolution Scanning TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy), ultra-fast Dynamic TEM, In situ XPS, ultra-fast spectrometry, will be handled to reach an in-depth understanding of the relationships between nanomaterials process/structure/composition and ignition/aging/reaction characteristics that do not yet exist.
  • One phD thesis position, in micro-nano-systems specialty, will focus on the development of heterogeneous assembly process to co-integrate the energetic layers with electronic circuits and sensors and demonstrate novel microsystems in order to implement real time and relevant safety responses.  

Your goal as a doctoral researcher will be to contribute in the emergence of nanothermite technology at large and foster innovation by creating a new technology based on the co-integration of safe and versatile energetic materials with electronic components for civilian and military infrastructures and aviation.


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