Department risc

Trustworthy Computing Systems and Networks

The RISC "Réseaux, Informatique, Systèmes de Confiance" department aims to develop innovative solutions for the design, dimensioning, architecture, analysis, supervision and operational deployment of complex communicating networks and systems and associated applications. Our aim is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge both in terms of theoretical foundations and methodological approaches based on formal and experimental methods, as well as their practical implementation.


Matthieu Jonckheere

Research challenges, themes and objectives :

Adaptation and Autonomy

Computer systems are being designed to interact with other systems, to be deployed on a virtualized infrastructure, to be used on a very large scale and in an open, connected environment. Operators need to consider resource sharing and cooperation to meet real-time service demands. Criticality needs to be considered both at the mission or outsourced business process level, and at the deployment infrastructure level.

Players in this field have to cope with increasing complexity linked to heterogeneity, both at infrastructure and process (also called application) levels. The Internet's distributed architecture and massive interconnection, subject to the non-determinism of interactions, makes design and management difficult. For communication networks in particular, autonomy is a key challenge of the highest priority, both for the research community and for industrial players and the international working groups that bring them together. This term can be found under various nomenclatures such as the ETSI working group "Zero touch network & Service Management (ZSM)" [Sprecher'2018] or the concept of self-driving networks [Jacobs'2018].

In this context, the locks we are considering are related to the joint and consistent consideration of functional (generic for different domains or for a given domain, or mission-specific) and non-functional (confidentiality, security, quality of service, cost in energy consumption or budget) properties (or requirements) of systems. Challenges concern the management of dynamic adaptation (in the operational phase) of systems to variations in functional and non-functional requirements, and to changes in deployment infrastructure constraints (such as for hybrid environments like IoT/M2M, Fog Computing, 5G, and satellite).

[Sprecher'2018] N. Sprecher, IEEE Softwarization, November 2018 ETSI ZSM Architectural Framework for End-to-End Service and Network Automation. https://sdn.

[Jacobs'2018] A. Jacobs et al. Refining Network Intents for Self-Driving Networks. ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review (CCR) 2018.

Scalable distributed systems

With five different contributions, the distributed systems axis covers 2 teams. These approaches cover a wide range of execution models, from the most homogeneous (GPGPU) to the most heterogeneous (opaque cloud). There is a similar variety of theoretical perspectives: topology, linear programming, probability. Numerical simulation and experimental deployment complete the department's toolbox.

The problems targeted are equally diverse: parallelization (i.e. controlling how to distribute a task), scheduling (i.e. how to distribute constrained tasks), monitoring (i.e. how to collect information on the state of computing units and their network conditions). One application spectrum is particularly dominant: AI and its distributed variant, federated AI. Less massively represented, certain applications focus on IoT and planning.

Network and service virtualization

The softwarization of infrastructure and the virtualization of communication networks (and network functions) is a strategic direction for meeting the various technical and socio-economic requirements imposed by emerging systems. It's a direction that interests both the research community and industrial players grouped together in international working groups (ETSI, notably in Europe, and W3C). Current technological solutions are moving in the direction of convergence between the world of information processing, which has seen the advent of "cloud computing" and "service computing" technology for over a decade, and the world of telecommunications, which in recent years has been promoting the softwarization and virtualization of network services and functions (SDN/NFV).

Trusted AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and data-driven learning models are increasingly used in all fields. A first strand of our work aims to take advantage of the latest advances in AI to improve the resilience and quality of service of networks and IT systems in various fields (monitoring, anomaly and intrusion detection and diagnosis, testing, etc.). The second part tackles fundamental questions linked to the trust that can be placed in systems using these algorithms, taking into account the constraints specific to these algorithms (opacity, non-determinism, sensitivity to training data, etc.). The challenges lie in finding solutions to improve the explicability of these algorithms, their verification and testing, their protection against attacks aimed at modifying their behavior, or simply at reproducing them illegitimately, and finally the justification of the associated level of trust.

Security, privacy

Cybersecurity :

Our work focuses on end-to-end system security, and covers hardware security, operating system kernel security, application security, the security of connected objects and in particular those of their communication protocols, the security of future-generation networks (in particular 5G and 6G cellular networks) and the cloud, which differ from current communication architectures through general softwarization and virtualization.


In the context of work on the transparency of algorithms used by online platforms, we are interested in how these algorithms exploit user data to produce their decisions.

Systems engineering

The questions addressed in the context of systems engineering (SE) concern:

  • The need to master the development process, get experts and stakeholders to cooperate, integrate practices, reconcile points of view, get different models to talk to each other, find a common optimum.
  • This requires work on the product and the process (analysis, methods, tools): requirements engineering, process engineering (requirements elicitation, design, V&V, certification, maintenance, service withdrawal, etc.), integration/alignment with standards (system engineering, project management, quality, safety, etc.), modeling (product, process, quality, safety, etc.), model integration, performance measurement, indicators, quality measurement, process engineering (technical and project/agility), simulation and prototyping, design to X, SI deployment in SMEs, etc.

Real-time systems

The notion of real-time system is attached to reactive systems, most often embedded, for which correction does not simply depend on the results or messages they exchange, but also on the moment when these results are produced. Temporal aspects are not the only ones involved in this context. Other types of constraints also need to be considered, such as the system's criticality (reliability, security, etc.) or its embeddability (i.e. its ability to be implemented within constraints on computing power, memory or energy use, etc.). Finally, we also seek to design solutions that make systems more robust and predictable.

Real-time systems represent a cross-disciplinary area of research within the RISC department. We approach the study of these systems according to several complementary objectives: (1) reliability, with the study of techniques increasing resilience and adaptation capacities, for example through specific reconfiguration mechanisms; (2) security, with the design of methods to counter attacks specific to real-time systems; (3) and finally predictability, with the study of new scheduling methods and new analysis techniques, targeting in particular multi-core and/or heterogeneous architectures.



Our research targets systems and applications with demanding requirements in terms of quality of service, time constraints, dependability, resilience or security.




The RISC department's activities are carried out by four teams whose research fields are complementary and cover the various challenges linked to the heterogeneity, dynamicity and criticality of processing and communication infrastructures and systems.



Hélène Waeselynck

The work of the team focuses on the dependability of computing systems, i.e., the ability to deliver a service that can be justifiably trusted.




Claude Baron

The growing complexity of systems issues major constraints regarding their life cycle management. The ISI team provides solutions in order to efficiently implement processes defined by System Engineering.




Khalil Drira

The SARA team works on new-generation networks and communication systems.


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Silvano Dal Zilio

The Vertics team focuses on the formal verification of time-critical systems. Our research focuses on enhancing model-checking techniques, scheduling real-time systems, and integrating our methods into existing engineering processes.


Latest publications


Journal articles

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Conference papers

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Preprints, Working Papers, ...

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Xin Yi, Thèse: Améliorer l'innovation en conception conceptuelle

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Li Zheng, Thèse: Améliorer la mesure de performance dans les projets d'ingénierie : méthodes pour développer des indicateurs


Mohamed Oulmahdi, Thèse: Architecture Autonome et Extensible pour une Couche de Transport Évolutive. Application aux Communications Aéronautique par Satellites

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Joris Barrier, Thèse: Chiffrement homomorphe appliqué au retrait d'information privé

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Roberto Pasqua, Thèse: Inférence et modèles de données personnelles : mobilité sociale, proximité spatiale

Sangeeth Saagar Ponnusamy, Thèse: Fidélité de produit de simulation : un approche d'ingénierie de système qualitatif et quantitatif

Marc Bruyère, Thèse: Une approche pure et simple open source pour l'échange Internet simple et pragmatique

Amina Chaabane, Thèse: MULUS : un réseau social distribué pour une consommation sélective de contenus composites

Ikbel Guidara, Thèse: Choix efficace du temps et du QoS pour la composition du service

Rui Xue, Thèse: Amélioration de la coopération entre les ingénieurs Système et les managers dans les projets d'Ingénierie - Vers un processus intégré obtenu par l'alignement des standards et guides de l'Ingénierie Système et de la Gestion de Projet


Emma Fki, Thèse: Sélection et composition flexible basée services abstraits pour une meilleure adaptation aux intentions des utilisateurs

Imene Lahyani Abdennadher, Thèse: Gestion de la qualité de service des systèmes publier/souscrire déployés sur un réseau mobile ad hoc

Jérémie Guiochet, Habilitation à diriger des recherches: Vers des robots collaboratifs autonomes sûrs de fonctionnement

Pierre-Alain Bourdil, Thèse: Contribution à la modélisation et la vérification formelle par model checking - Symétries pour les Réseaux de Petri temporels

Thibaut Probst, Thèse: Evaluation et analyse des mécanismes de sécurité des réseaux dans les infrastructures virtuelles de cloud computing

Maialen Larrañaga, Thèse: Contrôle dynamique des systèmes stochastiques et fluides de partage de ressources

Ivan Studnia, Thèse: Détection d'intrusion pour des réseaux embarqués automobiles : une approche orientée langage

Yann Bachy, Thèse: Sécurité des équipements grand public connectés à Internet : évaluation des liens de communication

Moussa Traoré, Thèse: Protocoles de sécurité pour établir les distances et authentifier la position pour les appareils mobiles

Damien Foures, Thèse: Validation de modèles de simulation

Cédric Eichler, Thèse: Modélisation formelle de systèmes dynamiques autonomes : graphe, réécriture et grammaire

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Sami Baraketi, Thèse: Ingénierie des réseaux optiques SDH et WDM et étude multicouche IP/MPLS sur OTN sur DWDM

Quynh Anh Do Hoang, Thèse: Analyse et justification de la sécurité de systèmes robotiques en interaction physique avec l’humain


Maxime Chéramy, Thèse: Étude et évaluation des politiques d'ordonnancement temps réel multiprocesseur

Hélène Martorell, Thèse: Architecture et processus de développement permettant la mise à jour dynamique de systèmes embarqués automobiles

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Aymen Kamoun, Thèse: Adaptation d’architectures logicielles de contrôle d’accès dans les environnements collaboratifs ubiquitaires

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Guillaume Dugué, Thèse: Modélisation d’une architecture orientée service et basée composant pour une couche de Transport autonome, dynamique et hautement configurable