Health and Environment

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The aim of this transverse application Axis is to lead, bring together and encourage the emergence of work at the interface between Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies and the fields of Life, Health and the Environment.


This mission is carried out through bi-monthly seminars known as "Life Sciences Thursdays", featuring short, targeted presentations by PhD students, interns or permanent staff, with the aim of raising awareness of in-house activities and encouraging scientific exchange.

These activities are complemented by bimonthly seminars open to the outside world, with a more general content and aimed, for example, at raising awareness of issues specific to the Axis' themes.

Encouraging the emergence of new ideas

By pooling the networks of the various participants in the Axis, monitoring calls for projects of interest, and identifying promising ICST applications in the fields of Life, Health and the Environment, the Axis' actions aim to encourage and support work at interfaces, for example by funding internships or periodically organizing workshops dedicated to scientific issues of interest.