Information Technology: Development, operation, support

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Technical support for research activities and administration of IT resources

Department composition

24 engineers and technicians in February 2024. (See Organization chart)

Missions and organization

  • Research support :

Some of the engineers in the IDEA department provide support for research activities in all areas of the laboratory. They intervene either through the Plateforme d'ingénierie informatique (PI2), or through longer-term support for a scientific theme.

They also manage and support technical platforms dedicated to research: Robots, Computing, Design, Embedded Systems for Space.

  • IT infrastructures:

The department designs, manages and upgrades the laboratory's IT infrastructure (network, servers, software, workstations, websites). It develops and maintains the infrastructure and Web applications. This activity mainly concerns IT resources, hardware and software. It applies to shared resources as well as to most of the resources owned by research teams and departments.