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Corinne Alonso

The theme of energy is a major concern in our society today. It is a field of application that is central, very vast and in full transformation with the development of renewable energies, the need for an efficient and reliable production and distribution system, and the diversification of on-board objects and their autonomy. and energy security.

From a scientific point of view, energy, and electrical energy in particular, brings together multi-disciplinary areas ranging from materials for conversion and storage, transport and management via electronic components to management at a local or more global scale of smart electricity networks.

The LAAS-CNRS is historically a major French player in these scientific fields with research teams and expert departments on the various issues linked to the production, management of electrical energy and their data.

The ENERGY transversal axis aims to bring together skills from several disciplines developed within the LAAS-CNRS teams and departments to resolve multi-physical and multidisciplinary energy issues with two main components focused either on technology or on a system complete. Our research laboratory therefore wishes to be a major contributor and actor in the energy transition at all stages from design to recycling (consumption reduction, loss management, use of bio-sourced materials, LCA, sizing, evaluation of lifespans…). It meets the challenges with academic partnerships and with the socio-economic world, from the component to complex systems such as intelligent electrical micro-grids.


The ENERGY axis is involved in several federations and exchange networks with the mission of connecting academic research and the industrial world.

The LAAS is involved and active in several groups: