SMOF is a research project by LAAS-CNRS to assist the specification of safety rules for autonomous systems. SMOF is a framework to assist the specification of safety rules executed by an independent monitor to ensure safety of the whole system. The safety rules are high-level requirements of the monitor expressed in terms of observable variables on the system and its environment and interventions.

Our method is based on a risk analysis and takes into account the system's versatility in the specification of the safety rules.
The approch takes into account the permissiveness of the monitor, i.e., the ability to ensure safety without reducing the system functionalities, and so particularly fits autonomous systems. 

The tool is based on the model checker NuSMV. It is used to model the invariant and verify properties. The framework includes a template to ease the modeling. For the user, writing and checking manually safety rules in NuSMV may be tedious and error-prone. We have developped a synthesis tool, which returns directly satisfying sets of safety rules.

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