Impact of spatial confinement on cell physiology

We use microfluidics to study the impact of confinement on the behavior of living cells.

Most cells in the living evolved in a spatially confined environment. We develop original microfluidic confining chambers to study the impact of spatial confinement in organisms ranging from bacteria to fungi, all the way to mammalian cells. We study both the physiological response and the potential importance of such confinement in microbial pathologies and cancer.

Impact du confinement sur la physiologie cellulaire

Collaborations principales

  • Rob Arkowitz (Nice University, Nice)
  • Guillaume Dumenil and Daria Bonazzi (Institut Pasteur, Paris)
  • Julie Guillermet-Guibert (CRCT, Toulouse)
  • Liam Holt (New York University, New York City)
  • Christine Jean (CRCT, Toulouse)
  • Olivier Liot (IMFT, Toulouse)


  • Plan Cancer Inserm
  • ERC Starting grant Under Pressure