Cells and extracellular vesicles: Microfluidics for their purification and the analysis of their nucleic acid composition

We develop microfluidic technologies for purifying cells and extracellular vesicles.

Microfluidic technologies play a pivotal role in cell and extracellular vesicle purification, offering precise and efficient methods for isolation (A). Our approach is based on the control of the fluid flow in parallelized channels (B), and takes advantage of the inherent scalability and automation of these platforms. Our miniaturized systems enable the isolation of specific sub-populations or extracellular vesicles with high purity. Once purified, we aim to perform molecular analysis, particularly nucleic acid analysis, on the selected species.

Tri de cellules ou vésicules extracellulaires par microfluidique


  • C. Elie-Caille, W. Boireau (Femto-ST)
  • C. Sengenes (Restore)
  • E. Trevisiol (TBI)