Vidushi Singh: Award for best oral presentation MRS 2023.


Vidushi Singh was awarded the prize for best oral presentation at the MRS 2023 conference.

MRSAward_Vidushi Singh_LAAS CNRS

At the "Materials Research Society" conference held from November 26 to December 1, 2023 in Boston (USA), Vidushi Singh , a doctoral student our the NEO team was awarded the prize for best oral presentation.

The presentation highlighted research supported by the ERC Researcher Award (Grant 832889, Pyrosafe) under the supervision of Carole Rossi (NEO).

The aim of the thesis is to develop ternary nanothermites, focusing on the elucidation of reaction mechanisms, interfacial evolution and chemical engineering of interfaces to improve the energetic properties of these reactive materials.

His research is investigating a new ternary system to address the pressing challenges of high-performance energetic materials, tackling the limitations of single-fuel thermites such as low burn rates. The integration of strategically stacked TiB2 into Al/CuO nanolaminates enhances reactivity, which is demonstrated by faster combustion rates and shorter ignition delays. The improved energy release and combustion kinetics of these advanced nanothermites hold promise for improving the efficiency of hardware applications requiring rapid energy release and controlled combustion processes.

Congratulations on this award!

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published on 18.03.24