Offres de Post doctorat



Nano-material scientist 

Location: LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, FRANCE

Duration: 18 months

LAAS-CNRS seeks for a self-motivated post-doctoral researcher to take in charge a French-US research project aimed at developing advanced nano-material for energy production applications.

The main goal is to explore how the interface chemistry of nanomaterials affects their thermal properties. This position will involve the synthesis of nanoscale thermite materials (e.g., Al/CuO nanolayers) including potential physico-chemical modifications of their interfaces. The candidate will interact with a larger group effort exploring advanced thin films and nanomaterials for energy production applications, with a particular emphasis on controlling the physical structure and interface chemistry of Al/CuO nanolaminates to develop a better understanding of the fundamental structure-property relationships  of such materials. The collaborative environment requires a candidate who has the ability to work as part of a team with scientists coming from different disciplines and to learn topics outside his area of expertise. The position will involve a combination of nano fabrication (RIE, photolithography, PVD), advanced characterization (HR-TEM, XPS, DRX) as well thermal and electrical analysis to characterize accurately the energetic capabilities.

The candidate will be required to work temporary in clean room facilities and to follow safe work procedures, as well as to handle chemical waste properly and keep a clean, well-organized work environment.

Required Education and Experience:

Must be a recent PhD graduate (within the last three years).

The ideal candidate for this position should have a strong background in the following areas: (1) nanomaterial synthesis and manipulation; (2) physico-chemical modificaions of surfaces (e.g., nanocrystals, nanowires, thin films); and (3) nanoscale characterizing  nanomaterials and their surfaces. Although general expertise in nanotechnologies, chemical engineering and manipulation will be considered.


Preferred Qualifications Ph.D. in materials science & engineering, physics, mechanical/electrical engineering or related fields.



For further information you can contact Carole Rossi, LAAS-CNRS, N2IS Group: Carole ROSSI