Motion Control Bits for Homemade Robots

Séminaire du département de Robotique
Stéphane Caron
19/07/2022 - 16:00
LAAS-CNRS - Salle de Conférences 7 avenue du Colonel Roche 31077 TOULOUSE Cedex 4 Online :

We have learned a lot from big expensive robots, but their weight and price are likely damping further progress. In this talk, we will follow an alternative made possible by recent innovations in actuators: light homemade robots, of the kind that can bump, fall on, or be lifted by us with no harm. By aiming for less actuators and lower complexity, we end up with morphologies that don't fit exactly the bill of previous ideas. This is a good start to revisit them! We will tour some examples from the open source software and hardware of Upkie, a wheeled biped robot that proudly stands on 3D printed parts and sawed broomsticks (among other mechanical marvels).

robotique biped, Control, locomotion