International Hackathon - INSA Toulouse

Jeudi, 5 Décembre, 2019 - Vendredi, 6 Décembre, 2019

International Hackathon on December 5th and 6th at INSA Toulouse

  • Groups of 4 participants with an industrial mentor
  • Target: innovative prototype with a demonstration and a pitch in front of a jury
  • Open hardware kits at disposal with dev board, sensors, actuators and communication modules (to be kept for free after the event)
  • Access to wireless IoT networks (cellular, LoRaWAN and satellite)
  • Access to an IoT infrastructure supporting the oneM2M standard
  • Smart green autonomous electric vehicle at disposal for prototype integration
  • Program:
  • Thursday 9:00 Hackathon launch
  • Thursday 12:30 Status point & mentor session + lunch
  • Thursday 7pm: Optional status & mentor session + dinner
  • Friday 12:30: End Status point (end of dev) + lunch
  • Friday afternoon: pitches, demos and winner selection
  • Friday evening: social event


Contact: Thierry Monteil, monteil @