Dimanche, 3 Septembre, 2017 - Mercredi, 6 Septembre, 2017

Eurosensors is a series of highly successful conferences that began in Cambridge in 1987 and that has been the only European forum to cover the entire field of Sensors, Actuators, Microsystems and Nanosystems. It is the leading European conference devoted to the advancement of high technologies in the aforementioned fields.

Eurosensors attracts more than 500 participants every year, mainly from Europe but also from abroad. New developments ranging from new sensing materials and sensor fabrication processes up to wireless sensor network, micro power generation, micro fluidic, bio analytical systems, etc., are particularly welcome.

A tentative list of next year’s edition topics is:

  • Theory and Design of Solid State Transducers.
  • Materials and Technology.
  • Micro Fabrication.
  • Physical, Chemical and Biological Sensors.
  • Actuators.
  • Nanotechnology for Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems.
  • Micro Fluidic & Micro Analysis Devices and Systems.
  • Optical MEMS and RF MEMS.
  • Micro Power Generation
  • Interface and System Issues. Algorithm and Sensor Networks.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • Packaging and Assembly Technology
  • Special session I on Printed and flexible electronics
  • Special session II on Factories of the future