40 anniversaire du LAAS - Journée internet des objets

Workshop Internet of Things


Tuesday October 21, 2008 
LAAS-CNRS — Salle de conférences


8h45Opening of the Workshop 
Raja Chatila
9h00 Introduction 
Michel Diaz
9h15 Keynote — ADUN: Appliance Defined Ubiquitous Network - Network Infrastructure for Real World Sensing 
Haruhisa Ichikawa 
10h15 Presentation of CNRS RECAP project (http://www2.lifl.fr/sensor
David Simplot-Ryl
10h45Coffee break
11h Cooperative Backup in Sparsely-Connected Mobile Systems 
David Powell
11h30RF Pressure Transducer with Wireless Interrogation 
Medhi Jatlaoui / Franck Chebila 
12hAn Advanced Wireless Architecture for Sensor Network: SACER, Système Autonome Communicant En Réseau 
Daniela Dragomirescu / Pascal Berthou
13h15 ARUM: An Approach for the Resilience of Ubiquitous Mobile Systems 
Marc-Olivier Killijian 
13h45 Autonomic Transport Framework for Large Family of Communicating Objects 
Ernesto Exposito
14h15 Energy issues in WSN for Aeronautics Applications: Harvesting and Scavenging, Power Management, Storage 
Jean-Marie Dilhac / Carole Rossi / Magali Brunet
14h45 Complex System and Microsystem Design: Meet-in-the-Middle Approach 
Jean-Louis Boizard 
15h15 Formalisms and Algorithms for Mobile Systems 
Matthieu Roy
15h45 ADREAM Project Presentation 
Michel Diaz
16hDiscussion and Wrap Up 
Marise Bafleur