2018 International Topical Meeting on Microwave Photonics - MWP2018 - Toulouse

Lundi, 22 Octobre, 2018 - Vendredi, 26 Octobre, 2018

Microwave Photonics (MWP) is an inter-disciplinary field of research that deals with the interactions between microwave and optical waves for the generation, processing, control and distribution of microwave, millimeter-wave and THz-frequency signals. Microwave photonics is currently used in a wide variety of applications such as antenna remoting, optically-controlled phased-array antennas, optical processing of microwave signals and millimeter wave and THz signal generation. It enables new microwave functions such as fast spectrum analysis, low-phase-noise microwave and millimeter wave generation, high-frequency conversion, long true-time delay, probing and control of microwave devices and ultra-fast analog-to-digital converters. Conversely, microwave techniques enable new optical communication systems, with faster modulation and detection devices.

This conference receives the technical sponsorship of IEEE Photonics Society and IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society.