Two weeks of hard work in Morocco for the robots Mana and Minnie

Monday, 10 December, 2018

In the context of the H2020 InFuse project (*), the LAAS robots Mana and Minnie have navigated in various areas close to Erfoud, Morocco. The core of the InFuse project is the study and integration of data fusion techniques for space robotics, which encompasses the planetary rovers and on-orbit servicing satellites contexts. The goal of the Morocco field experiments was to gather data on areas selected for their resemblance to Martian landscapes. Minnie and Mana perfectly accomplished their mission, gathering over a million of images and nearly as much Lidar scans along two dozens of kilometers, in a variety of navigation scenarios, including cooperative exploration. Mana and Minnie will now slowly come back to the lab, during a long trip across the Mediterranean sea. Meanwhile, the InFuse team will put computers at work to process all the acquired data.


* InFuse is one of the project supported by the H2020 PERASPAERA Strategic Research Cluster on Space Robotics Technologies

Minnie et Mana ready to move in a typical rocky desert landscape

It sometimes takes binoculars to spot Mana and Minnie once they're gone!

Minnie on the go


slowly crossing glentle sand dunes

The InFuse team at work
from rear left to front right: Vincent Bissonnette (Magellium), Quentin Labourey (LAAS), Pierre Narvor (LAAS), Raphael Viard (Magellium), Ellon Mendes (LAAS), Andrea De Maio (LAAS)

and with Simon Lacroix (LAAS)