Thermal Process

Technical staff


The thermal process area is dedicated to the elaboration, deposition and treatment of several materials for Microelectronics and Microsystems technology. There are 21 tubes (7 furnaces stacks), 1 standard PECVD reactor, 1 ICPECVD, 2 rapid thermal systems. The old tubes are laboratory furnaces (20 cm of flat zone for 4” wafers) and the new ones are industrial furnaces (50cm of flat zone for 6” wafers).




Material Elaboration Equipement

4" AET annealing furnaces 


4" AET oxidation furnaces



6" Centrotherm oxidation and drive in furnaces


6" Centrotherm LPCVD and annealing furnaces 





4"TEMPRESSLPCVD furnaces  






AET LPCVD vertical furnace 




STS Standard PECVD reactor




Annealsys Si RTP 



Annealsys AsGa RTP 



AET 6" annealing furnaces  






AET GaAlAs wet oxidation furnace  



SiO2 for masking and for MOS components
Drive in of N and P type dopants in the Silicon and the Polysilicon
Thermal Phosphorus diffusion 
Boron doped or undopped polysilicon deposition
SiNx, SiO2, SiON deposition using CCPECVD and ICPECVD
Metal annealing
Si and GaAs rapid thermal treatment
GaAlAs wet oxidation 

Elaboration examples

VCSEL realization with the control of the wet oxidation of the Al in the GaAlAs layer 





SiO2 ICPECVD Deposition on photoresist




Thermal oxidation for Si nanowire fabrication