Thermal devices and thermometry


Accurate temperature measurement with high spatial and temporal resolution is a challenging research topic. Advances in nanosciences and nanobiotechnologies require precise thermometry down to the nanoscale regime where conventional methods are no more relevant. The development of a nanoscale thermometer is not only a matter of size, but also requires materials with novel physical properties along with dedicated nanocharacterization techniques. This project aims at developing thermal nanocharacterization techniques with a high spatial and temporal resolution in dry and liquid conditions using fluorescent probes or phase transition materials.

Thermal characterization of a wire-based thermal device using a fluorescent probe (Rhodamine B)

Mapping a transient heating event in an operating thermal device using bistable spin transition material



C. Bergaud



L. Aigouy, ESPCI, Paris ; M. Mortier, ENSCP, Paris ; G. Molnar and A. Bousseksou, LCC, Toulouse ; G. Baffou and H. Rigneault, Institut Fresnel, Marseille ; C. Gosse, C2N, Paris


Financial Support:

ANR Project Nanothermofluo 2007-2010 and ANR Project Thermospin 2011-2014


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