Systems for smart energy management

The strategic axis SYNERGY aims at leveraging LAAS multidisciplinary research skills to tackle the challenges of energy transition, from component to complex systems such as smart grids. This orientation involves 7 research themes of the laboratory (DO, GE, HOPES, IC, MNBT, NII et RC) and takes advantage of two experimental platforms: Georges GIRALT energy-optimized building and RENATECH technology platform.

Georges Giralt energy-optimized buildingRENATECH technology platform


This axis deals with three main research topics from microsystem to smart grids:

   > Efficient energy generation and processing

  • Advanced solar cells: organic and III-V
  • Nanowire-based 3D CMOS technologies
  • Integrated microstorage
  • Energy harvesting: transducers and system architectures

   > Integration of renewable energies

  • Distributed and reconfigurable conversion architectures
  • Management of mixed storage units
  • Low voltage DC grid

   > Efficient microgrid / smart grid control

  • Co-simulation and advanced modeling
  • Optimization, diagnostic et prognostic
  • Efficient service access based on standardized M2M communication
  • Cybersecurity

Several transverse cooperative projects dedicated to the objectives of a sustainable campus are already being carried out within the framework of SH&HD federation and neOCampus project from Paul Sabatier University via the co-direction of PhD theses with CIRIMAT, IRIT, LAPLACE and PHASE laboratoires. Several projects plan to implement demonstrators into the Georges GIRALT energy-optimized building, one of them being a low voltage DC grid.


Contact: Marise BAFLEUR