Software, Prototypes and Demonstrators

DISCO's research activities lead to the production of software and demonstrators.

  •     COCD: unsupervised chronicle learning from a time sequence using data mining techniques. Alexandre Sahuguède, Euriell Le Corronc, Marie-Véronique Le Lann


  •     Diades: diagnostic tool for discrete event systems.  Diades (DIAgnosis of Discrete Event Systems) provides a maintained set of algorithms and data structures for modelling, random generation, diagnosis and diagnostic verification in discrete event systems. Yannick Pencolé


  •     Dito: logical diagnostic tool based on CSP. This tool is a generic logical consistency-based diagnostic engine that transforms the diagnostic problem into a series of CSP problems (search for minimum cardinality diagnoses, search for minimum diagnoses).  Yannick Pencolé


  •     Dyclee: dynamic classification tool.  Dyclee (Dynamic Clustering algorithm for tracking Evolving Environments) implements a dynamic and self-adaptive unsupervised classification method with a novelty detection mechanism for the supervision of industrial systems. Renaud Pons and Louise Travé-Massuyès


  •     Locafleet: software for locating fleets of autonomous vehicles. Soheib Fergani


  •     HCDAM: Java-coded time pattern learning software that extracts the pattern common to a set of dated event sequences. Audine Subias, Euriell Le Corronc, Louise Travé-Massuyès


  •     Hydiag: diagnostic tool, active diagnosis and prognosis on hybrid systems. HyDiag (Hybrid Diagnoser) software is software developed under Matlab designed to simulate, diagnose and predict hybrid systems (model-based methods) by discrete abstraction of continuous dynamics and using Diades. Elodie Chanthery, Yannick Pencolé, Pauline Ribot, Louise Travé-Massuyès


  •     Hymu: diagnostic/prognostic integration tool.  This software implements  Hybrid Particle Petri Nets for monitoring the health state of a hybrid system (fault and degradation diagnosis and aging prognosis). Elodie Chanthery, Pauline Ribot.


  •     MaxPlusDiag: tool for detecting and locating time lags in time-discrete event systems based on algebraic theory (max,+). Exploitation of this technique as part of the monitoring of an automated production line in relation to its production objective. Claire Paya, Yannick Pencolé, Euriell Le Corronc


  •     Innograde: grade diagnosis assistance for breast cancer for anapathologists: Toulouse Tech Transfer depot, 2014. Marie-Véronique Le Lann


  •     P3S: fuzzy classification tool, Toulouse Tech Transfer repository.     The P3S software (Process Sensor Selection and Situation assessment) uses fuzzy logic-based classification techniques for the selection of descriptors/sensors. Marie-Véronique Le Lann.



  •     Prognospice: prototype demonstrating the diagnostic/prognostic integration of a pressure regulation failure by calculation methods with limited uncertainties. Prototype delivered to LIEBHERR (CORALIE project). Renaud Pons, Yannick Pencolé, Louise Travé-Massuyès, Pauline Ribot, Carine Jauberthie.