Software, Prototypes and Demonstrators

SALSA: Tool for Situation Assessment using the LAMDA Classification Algorithm. SALSA is a tool that can be used for monitoring industrial processes. It relies on online measurements of the process in order to identify situations and/or functional states. Measured data can be quantitative and/or qualitative interpretations of the process varaiables.
Developped by Tatiana Kempowsky-Hamon, Joseph Aguilar-Martin,  Marie-Véronique Le Lann, Audine Subias.
HYDIAG-: An analytical redundancy based diagnosis engine for hybrid systems. This diagnosis engine is able to monitor a hybrid system and determines the current fault mode of the underlying system. The input of the software is a mode automaton and a set of analytical redundancy relations for each mode resulting from a system and fault analyses.
Developped by Mehdi Bayoudh and Louise Travé-Massuyès .
Causalito-: Causal graph generator. This software computes the causal graph of a system, that are the influences between the variables of the system. This causal graph is one of the inputs of a simulator that propagates variations on the input variables. This software tales as input a mathematical model of the system and generates its causal graph. An edge of th graph is labeled as a causal influence between two variables.
Developped by Renaud Pons and Louise Travé-Massuyès.


Diades: Software that models and diagnoses discrete-event systems (component-based). DiaDes is the acronym that stands for DIAgnosis of Discrete-Event Systems. This is a set of C++ libraries and programs whose purpose is to demonstrate/illustrate research academic work on the field of model-based diagnosis for discrete-event systems.  Most of the algorithms developped inside Diades are issued from different collaborative research with different people and phd students.
Developped by Yannick Pencolé.