Scientific and technical information networks


Renatis is the national network for professionals of Scientific and Technical Information Science, under the auspices of the Mission for the Interdisciplinary like all CNRS profesionnal networks. Renatis addresses the need for structuring a national professional scientific and technical information in order to carry out actions on a larger scale than that of regions and in order to gather more people. If many of them were already organized in regional networks, others have remained isolated in regions without equivalent structures. Renatis is a tool that enables them to break their isolation and gives them the same access to training and information, enabling them to participate in activities and projects of the network with the support of the regional STI networks.

Renatis is a network for all professionals in the Scientific and Technical Information, whether or not from CNRS, CNRS units engaged in or associated units whatever the scientific discipline, region, status, members or from not existing networks.

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In the early 2000s, several regional resource networks (Paris, Rhône Alpes, Aquitaine) or themes have emerged. Their feedback during theNancy RPIST days and the presentation of their activities have motivated many professionals, first in Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées, to also be involved in sharing.

Doccitanist, STI professionals from Occitania, is a regional and multidisciplinary professionals network which gathers information from these CNRS units independantly from their status or institutional affiliation (University, INRA, INSERM. ..).

Its main mission is to support the research activites based on the national policy and scientific priorities.
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"Open Archive Toulouse" working group

The "Open Archive Toulouse" working group, which gathers many STI professionals from higher education and research institutions in the Toulouse area, aims at updating the professional blog "" ( with recent news on open access and aims at organizing workshops on open archives in order to encourage local institutions to adopt policies in favor of open access.

This blog is intended as a collaborative research platform where STI professionals can discuss about open access and open archives. Its ambition is to connect  STI professionals with the scientific community to create a forum for debates and exchanges.