Scientific news

Monday, 30 October, 2023 - 00:00 to 23:30
Didier El Baz, research within SARA team at LAAS-CNRS, received a 2023 Outstanding Contributions Award at the UIC 2023 wich held from august 28 to 31 in Portsmouth, UK.
Friday, 8 September, 2023 - 18:30
Alexandre Boyer and Sébastien Serpaud, within the ESE team of LAAS-CNRS, received a Best Paper Award and a Best Student Paper award respectively at the EMC Europe 2023.
Friday, 16 June, 2023 - 00:00 to 23:30
On this June 13th, the FabLAAS organized a "Makers' Day" dadicated to the members of LAAS-CNRS so that they can share their knowledge about rapid prototyping.
Friday, 2 June, 2023 - 00:00 to 23:30
Abdulgaffar ABDURRAZAQ, post-doctoral within the M3 team of LAAS-CNRS, received a Best Poster Award during the 2023 M-EMRS symposium held in Strasbourg from May 29 to June 2.
Wednesday, 24 May, 2023 - 00:00 to 23:30
Mohammad Baz, PhD student within the MILE team of LAAS-CNRS, has received an Award of Excellence for his poster presented at the 39th International Symposium on Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis (MSB2023), held May 21-24, 2023 in Tallahassee, Florida (USA).
Wednesday, 18 January, 2023 - 00:00 to 23:30
A LAAS-CNRS research team is developing a computer program to calculate the risk of collision between a satellite and orbiting debris in real time. An article to read on CNRS News.
Thursday, 15 December, 2022 - 00:00 to 23:30
Aleksandra Marković, a PhD student from the MEMS team in LAAS-CNRS, has received the Best Poster Award at the PowerMEMS 2022 International Conference which took place in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) from December 12th to 15th 2022.
Tuesday, 6 December, 2022 - 18:00
Nicolas Mansard, a robotics researcher in the Gepetto team and coordinator of the MEMMO project, has received the "Étoile de l'Europe" from the Minister of Higher Education and Research. This prestigious distinction rewards the coordinators of European collaborative research projects.
Thursday, 1 December, 2022 - 18:00
Alexandre Arnoult, a research engineer in the TEAM service, has been awarded the 2022 Research Promotion Trophy of Toulouse Tech Transfer in the Outstanding Partnership category.
Tuesday, 29 November, 2022 - 18:00
Carole Rossi, CNRS research director within the NEO team at LAAS-CNRS, which specializes in the development and study of energetic nanomaterials, was awarded the CNRS 2022 Silver Medal on Tuesday, November 29.