Services and Architectures for Advanced Networks - SARA

Head: Khalil DRIRA
PhD Representative: Stanislas PEDEBEARN 











Our research activities focus on next generation networks and communication systems, as well as their applications. These systems are increasingly present in our day-to-day activities and play a crucial role in all economic sectors.





With the rise of the Internet of Things and the Edge Computing paradigm, the proliferation of radio access technologies, including 5G and LPWAN networks, and a strong trend towards network virtualization, the importance of these systems is expected to become even stronger (see Figure below). These developments will also lead to an unprecedented complexity of communication networks and raise technical and conceptual problems for their optimal design and control.







In this context, the team's work aims at methodological advances for the design, deployment, planning, supervision and control of communication networks and services. Our contributions include the development of methods, models and tools as well as the proposal of architectures, protocols and services.


More detailed explanations of our scientific challenges are available on the Research Topics page.