S4M - Smart Sensing and SystemS Monitoring

Head : Christophe ESCRIBA
PhD student representative:  Eli Gabriel AVINA BRAVO



Smart Sensing and SystemS Monitoring


Provide innovative solutions for intelligent monitoring of complex systems


The multiplication of components off-the-shelf (COTS), the reduction of costs linked to volume manufacturing processes and the evolution of communication technologies have enabled the development of integrated devices for measuring as closely as possible of the physical phenomena to be observed. The distribution of these interconnected measuring devices allows the implementation of a communicating multifunctional smart system.

To deal with the understanding and modeling of complex systems, our approach is to develop such a distributed instrumentation based on multi-sensory smart sensor advanced technologies, combining low-energy computing capabilities, versatile architectures and Wireless communications.

The main objective is to analyze the weaknesses of the observed system. For several years, the S4M team has focused its efforts on the development of methods and technologies for the analysis, identification and localization of vibration and displacements signatures in heterogeneous materials or structures. Preferred applications are Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) or Human Health Monitoring (HHM).