Head: Philippe SOUERES

The Robotics (ROB) Scientific Department conducts research along several themes involving perception, decision-making, motion, action, communication and interaction between the robot and its environment: the other robots, humans and ambient intelligence systems.

Research is conducted by ROB along four strategic streams: aerial and terrestrial field robotics, interactive and cognitive robotics, human and anthropomorphic motion, and algorithms for molecular motion.

These research activities involve also collaborative investigations with research on living systems such as neuroscience, cognitive sciences and biochemistry.

One main feature of robotics research at LAAS concerns the robot itself as an object of study i.e. an artificial entity endowed with integrated sensori-motor and cognitive abilities and acting in an open environment.

The main research themes are:

  • Environment perception and modeling,
  • Navigation, localization, motion planning and control,
  • Natural, artificial and virtual motion
  • Manipulation planning and control
  • Autonomous decision making, temporal planning, learning
  • Control architectures, embedded systems, robustness and fault tolerance
  • Human-robot multi-modal and decisional interaction
  • Multi-robot cooperation