Research Training

The research training and research is one of the main tasks of the laboratory.

Its activity on this plan a reality especially in doctoral programs and third cycle. Thus, nearly 1200 theses were defended at LAAS since its inception. Today, about 10% of doctorates in science issued by Toulouse institutions were prepared to LAAS.

The laboratory runs two graduate schools:

LAAS is also host laboratory three other graduate schools. Its members participate in training 3rd cycle in a dozen DEA and DESS. Nearly 250 students are enrolled each year in the laboratory.

LAAS is closely associated with three universities:

The majority of permanent research laboratory (around 55%) are faculty members of these three institutions.

Several play leadership roles and key animator:

  • Presidency and vice-presidency of the UPS,
  • Chair of the Scientific Council of INSA,
  • Scientific advice UFR
  • Directions of departments, etc..

LAAS also maintains partnerships with several other leading engineering schools, including SUPAERO, ENSICA and ENAC.

At the organizational level, the Education and Research Committee of the laboratory follows permanent problems with teaching members of the lab activities, as well as its relations with partner higher education institutions. This committee brings in particular support for application files sabbatical semesters and delegation to CNRS. She coordinates a reflection on the STIC map in Toulouse and the organization of the curriculum.

In collaboration with an antenna of Bernard Gregory Association, a strong support for employability after thesis, including additional training and visits to companies is provided by the laboratory to its doctoral students.