Research Topics - TSF

The table below presents our research topics, structured according to the four identified challenges (Mobility, Evolvability and autonomy, Openness, Reactivity), and to the architecture and analysis viewpoints.

These topics cover one of the following means for achieving dependability and resilience:

  • Fault prevention: how to prevent the occurrence or introduction of faults,
  • Fault tolerance: how to provide service delivery in spite of faults,
  • Fault removal: how to reduce the number or the severity of faults,
  • Fault forecasting: how to estimate the creation, presence and consequences of faults.

The major achievements for each of these topics are detailed via the links of the following table.





Evolvability and autonomy




(Fault prevention and Fault tolerance)

Geoprivacy protocols


Adaptability of fault  tolerance software

Defenses for autonomously-adapting systems


Virtualization and diversification

Protection against I/O attacks



Online error detection

HMI for reactive critical systems

Fault  tolerant architectures for reactive critical systems



(Fault removal and Fault forecasting)

Geoprivacy assessment

Modeling of interactions in a mobile context

Testing mobile settings


Risk analysis for autonomously-adapting systems

Testing of autonomous system software

Testing of aspect-oriented software

Online evaluation of resilience

Assessment of security protection mechanisms

Embedded systems vulnerability analysis


Multi-level fault injection for embedded systems

Testing and formal verification of behavioral models

Search-based statistical testing

Domain-specific test languages