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What we are considering here is in the field of microsystems and technology integration for the realization of multifunctional systems. It is possible to distribute, or network, many of these very small components to obtain, by aggregating their data, different functionalities in addition to those specific to each. It is also possible to combine, on the same substrate among the constituents of the microsystem, parts of processors, thus opening up autonomous diagnostic perspectives for new and original applications in the environment area: climate, pollution, transport, services , people and material monitoring, epidemiological surveillance, military surveillance ...

It is important to note that our contributions meet strong application requirements and have led to developments and prototypes on or in the structure in 3 main application areas with strong relationships with the industrial environment:

  • SHM for the safety and reliability of composite structures in aeronautics, or the environment, based on the implementation of piezoelectric sensor networks bonded to the composite structure. These sensors thus make it possible to analyze both the echoes of guided waves and the variations in electromechanical impedance. This approach was transferred to AIRBUS and RATIER.
  • SHM for civil engineering with the development of innovative in-situ monitoring solutions based on a thin multilayer and multi-sensor composite structure (temperature and deformation) or on MEMS.
  • HHM dedicated to the frailty of the elderly and the improvement or understanding of performance among top athletes. Our work in this field focuses on knowledge of walking (patch development, smart soles), fall detection (patch, bracelet), behavioral or physical activity variation, physiological measurement through intelligent clothing .