Research Topics - ROC

The research domains considered by the ROC Team (Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization and Constraints) are branches of Operations Research and/or Artificial Intelligence (more specifically Constraint Programming). The ROC team proposes various models and algorithms for several classes of combinatorial optimization problems, such as scheduling, vehicle routing and resource allocation problems (more).


Beyond single-agent, single-objective and deterministic combinatorial optimization the ROC team aim at developing solution approaches forrobust, multi-agent and/or multi objective problems (more).


The ROC team contributes on different levels of a solution approach to a combinatorial optimization problem such as establishing results on structural properties and complexity, proposing efficient formulation, decomposition and inference schemes and designing generic or specific solution methods (more)


The ROC team aims at confronting the proposed methods to the real world by considering industrial engineering, human aspects andindustrial applications to various domains including transportation, manufacturing and supply chain management, energy management, aeronautics and space.  (more)



To favor the dissemination of its research and the confrontation of the developed methods to the international community, the team aims also to develop open-source solvers and participate to international contests  (more)


The team is integrated in the operations research (OR) and constraint programming (CP) scientific communities, which is assessed by the publications as well as program committee and editorial board memberships in major OR and CP, and to a lesser extent, industrial engineering (IE) conferences and journals (more)