Research topics - NEO

AXIS 1. Design and integration of nanothermites for pyroMEMS

  • Fundaments of nanothermite materials (multi-scale modelling and characterization of basic mechanisms)
  • Nanoengineering of reactive interfaces
  • Aging
  • PyroMEMS for ignition applications
  • Pressure/Gas production

AXIS 2. Design and integration of novel materials for micro-energy storage

  • Fundaments of chemical processes in micro-supercapacitors
  • Innovative materials and nanostructures for micro-supercapacitors and micro-batteries
  • On a chip integration

AXIS 3. Nanoengineering of novel materials and catalysts for H2 production

  • Fundaments of water splitting processes (electronic, plasmonic, chemical)
  • Innovative nanomaterials and nanostructures for photo-reduction of water (water splitting)
  • Devices integration and demonstration