Reputation and Appeal

The team is integrated in the operations research (OR) and constraint programming (CP) scientific communities, which is assessed by the publications as well as program committee and editorial board memberships in major OR, CP, and industrial engineering (IE) conferences and journals.

At LAAS/CNRS, the ROC team represents the discrete optimization side of the “Decision and Optimization” theme. The team collaborates with a significant number of other LAAS teams to jointly solve combinatorial optimization problems occurring in different contexts: MAC (embedded linear-programming in space applications), SARA and VERTICS (scheduling & routing in time critical systems), RAP (image processing), TSF (Optimization and Privacy), ISGE (Combinatorial Optimization of energy resources). We also take part of the following scientific axis: 

  • "Systems for smart energy management", for the researches carried out in scheduling and energy reource allocation,
  • "Space" for the reresearches on space exploration planning, frequency allocation and optimal payload design for telecommunication satellites
  • "Ambient intelligence" for our contribution on agile production planning and scheduling, dynamic itinerary computation algorithms

Locally, the ROC team is one the largest OR team in Toulouse. As an illustration of its diversity, the team includes permanent staff from two universities: Université Paul Sabatier (2) and Université Toulouse 1 Capitole/IUT de Rodez (1), two engineering schools: INSAT (2) and INPT/ENSEEIHT (1) and CNRS (4). The team interacts and collaborates closely with other researchers in optimization and operations research in Toulouse. This is illustrated by the team membership in the informal federation “Toulouse Operations Research & Optimization’’ (TORO) gathering all OR researchers in Toulouse and our collaboration with colleagues involved in Optimization, Constraint Programming and Industrial Engineering teams: OPTIM/ENAC, DISC/ISAE, MIP-AOC/IMT, ADRIA/IRIT, SaAB/MIA/INRA, DTIS/ONERAPSI/LGC, CODIASE-GENESYS/LAPLACE) and carrying out several joint research and teaching activities such as the organization of the ROADEF 2010, JFPC 2012, CP 2016 conferences and the management of the “Parcours Recherche Opérationnelle” in the “Master Informatique et Télécommunications” (UPS, ENAC, ISAE, INP).

From a national point of view, all members of the team are affiliated to the 6th CNRS Section, one of the team members being part of its national committee. Among the University members of the team, two of them have positions attached to the 27th CNU Section (Computer Science) while five of them are affiliated to the 61st CNU Section. One of the team members was nominated and then elected at the CNU 27. Most members of the team are active members (and for some of them executive members) of the French Operations Research and Decision Support Society (ROADEF) and a part of the team members is affiliated to the French Constraint Programming Society (AFPC) and the French Association for Artificial Intelligence (AFIA). Team members are part of the GdR RO (one of them being in the scientific council), the GdR MACS (pôle STP), the GdR IM and the pre GDR IA.

At the international level, being affiliated to ROADEF gives membership in the European and International OR societies (EURO and IFORS). The team has been involved in the periodic organization of the ROADEF/EURO challenge, an international algorithm competition to solve an industrial optimization problem, in partnership with a company. Members of the team are also members of the Association for Constraint Programming (ACP).