Reputation and Appeal

Salient Fact


The 20th World Congress of IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) is organized in July 2017 in Toulouse. The IFAC World Congress is the major event in the field of Automatic Control. It is held once every three years and gathers about 3000 participants from academic and industrial research centers worldwide. The proposal conception involved members of GdR MACS and about 15 members of LAAS, mainly from the DO department, with participation of the ROB department and LAAS administration staff. More information at


Journal Editorial Boards


  • Editor in Chief :
    • JESA (S. Tarbouriech since 2008)
  • Associate Editors :
    • Czech Journal Kybernetika (D. Henrion 2008-2013)
    • Slovak Journal of Electrical Engineering (D. Henrion 2004-2010)


  • Editor :

    • International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control (S. Tarbouriech since 2015)

    • IEEE Control Systems Letters (S. Tarbouriech since 2017)

  • Associate Editors :
    • Asian Journal of Control (D. Henrion 2012-2013)
    • Automatica (J. B. Lasserre 1998-2002, D. Henrion 2003-2009, D. Arzelier since 2014, L. Zaccarian since 2015, S. Tarbouriech since 2015)
    • European Journal of Control (D. Henrion 2005-2008, D. Arzelier 2008-2013, S. Tarbouriech since 2013)
    • IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (S. Tarbouriech 2004-2007, D. Henrion 2005-2008, D. Arzelier 2008-2015, L. Zaccarian since 2011, S. Tarbouriech since 2015)
    • IEEE Transaction on Control Systems Technology (S. Tarbouriech since 2010)
    • IET Control Theory and Applications (S. Tarbouriech 2005-2014, I. Queinnec since 2014)
    • International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control (S. Tarbouriech 2008-2014)
    • Mathematics of Control, Signals and Systems (D. Henrion since 2011)
    • Mathematics of Operations Research (J. B. Lasserre since 2014) Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems (I. Queinnec since 2016)
    • RAIRO Operations Research (J. B. Lasserre 2004-2010)
    • SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization (J. B. Lasserre 1997-2002)
    • SIAM Journal on Optimization (J. B. Lasserre 2006-2011, D. Henrion since 2014)
    • Systems and Control Letters (L. Zaccarian 2010-2014)


Organization of Major Conferences and Workshops


  • 2006 IFAC Symposium ROCOND, on Robust Control Design, July 2006, Toulouse
  • 2013 IFAC Symposium NOLCOS, on NOnLinear COntrol Systems, September 2013, Toulouse.
  • IPC Members of the major conferences and workshops in Automatic Control (ACC, CDC, ECC, IFAC Workshops and Symposia)

Scientific Evaluation Committees


Recognized for their expertise in the field of Control and optimization, researchers of MAC have been commissioned for assessing international projects and participating to different councils mainly in Europe, North America and Australia. For example S. Tarbouriech has been a member (since 2016) of the evaluation committee for Starting Grants of the Systems and Communication Engineering (PE7) panel of the European Research Council (ERC).


CNRS researchers and faculty members of MAC have participated to various and numerous selection committees for projects (ANR, AERES), for funding PhDs (ANRT-CIFRE), for staff recruitment (INRA, INRIA) and visiting committees of different academic institutions and laboratories. They play major roles in national animation and evaluation structures, e.g. GDR MACS (led by I. Queinnec since 2014), GDRI DELSYS (led by A. Seuret 2012-2015), Scientific Council of CNRS (D. Peaucelle 2013-2014), Scientific Council of CNRS INS2I institute (I. Queinnec since 2015).

Awards and Distinctions


  • 2016 IEEE Fellow: L. Zaccarian
  • 2015 INFORMS John von Neumann Theory Prize for J. B. Lasserre
  • 2015 INFORMS Optimization Society Khachyian Prize for J. B. Lasserre
  • 2015 ERC Advanced Grant: J. B. Lasserre for his project TAMING on polynomial optimization
  • 2014 SIAM Fellow: J.B. Lasserre
  • 2011 Charles Broyden prize for D. Henrion and J. Malick
  • 2011 Award from the Simone and Cino del Duca Foundation of Institut de France to D. Henrion and his colleagues
  • 2010 IFAC French NMO Price for D. Peaucelle.
  • 2009 MOS and SIAM Lagrange Prize for J. B. Lasserre.