PHOTO : Techno - Selective wet oxidation of AlGaAs semiconductors

Research Topics - PHOTO / Innovative fabrication technological processes / Selective wet oxidation of AlGaAs semiconductors

The wet selective oxidation of AlGaAs alloys is a key technology for the fabrication of VCSELs and integrated optics devices. Capitalizing upon the development of specific furnace embedding a real-time in-situ monitoring and control system, that has since 2016 been commercialised by AET Technologies, our research activity focuses on the study of the oxidation kinetics, the modelling and complete control the oxide/semiconductor interface in 2 to 3-dimensions and their use to make advanced devices including VCSEL with integrated modulators and buried-waveguide micro-resonators.


Al-baring III-V-semiconductor oxidation furnace with its real-time in-situ monitoring and control system. Bottom left, black and white images of oxide apertures created by anisotropic oxidation from a circular mesa and an engineered mesa to form a circular aperture. Bottom centered (colored) images show optical waveguides made using the conventional (etched-mesa) and a quasi-planar (hole) oxidation approaches.


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