PHOTO : Techno - III-V semiconductor technology

Research Topics - PHOTO / Innovative fabrication technological processes / III-V semiconductor technology

Micro and nanotechnologies form a common cornerstone for actual and next generations of communications, embedded autonomous and energy conversion/management systems. The main scientific challenges to tackle are the multifunctionality of the device and system, their energy independence and sobriety and their ultimate integration. To solve these technological keylocks, the III-V semiconductors are ideal candidates thanks to their unique electrical and optical properties.

In the PHOTO team, we are leading background works on the III-V semiconductor technologies and processing in the GaAs and GaSb material systems. Our objective is to push the limits of performances and to combine these semiconductors to other functional materials in order to integrate them in many applications spanning from near to mid-infrared spectral windows : photonic crystal lasers, optical waveguide components, vertical cavity lasers (VCSEL) and solar cells. Moreover, our researchs on technological bricks and the solutions to control the processing steps are valued by industrial technological transfer, such as for example with our industrial partners AET/Aloxtec and RIBER. This historically-rooted expertise at LAAS covering from material epitaxy toward III-V device processing technology leverages existing infrastructure and cleanroom facilities which is part of the national RENATECH technological centre network.