PHOTO : Systems - Stabilization of laser diodes with nanophotonic filters

Research Topics - PHOTO / Photonic integration in systems / Stabilization of laser diodes with nanophotonic filters

We sought to use the extraordinary properties of spectral filtering in reflexion of guided mode grating filters (and more precisely of Cavity Resonator Integrated Grating Filters or CRIGFs) to make robust, integrated external cavity diode laser systems. A CRIGF filter can indeed simultaneously be used both as an end-cavity mirror and a wavelength selective filter. It thus provides both functions, integrating inside the end-mirror a wavelength selection function that usually requires a grating or an etalon, simplifiying the cavity setup and allowing for more compact integration.

Most noticeably, we demonstrated that such cavities exhibit a robust and simple alignement. We demonstrated tuning of a cavity along all the gain curve of a gain chip. Our actual work aims at demonstrating that this type of cavities can be demonstrated in the MIR spectral region using QCL gain chips on one hand. On the other hand, in collaboration with the company Innoptics and the CNES, we seek to demonstrate the full integration of such systems in a butterfly package. 

Superposition of 5 spectral maps of the emission of a gain chip stabilized by CRIGF filters with base periods ranging from 504 to 524 nm.


Collaborations :

Mirsense, Innoptics, CNES


Related publications :
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