PHOTO : Photonic integration in systems

Research Topics - PHOTO / Photonic integration in systems

Our research on the integration in photonics systems has been dedicated to hyperspectral imaging and frequency-controlled laser systems. Regarding the external-cavity laser diodes, we aimed to demonstrate the relevance of using nanophotonic devices to implement new functions and to achieve less-alignment-sensitive systems while simultaneously showing the ability to fabricate such devices using equipment usually used in the microelectronic industry. Building upon a multidisciplinary collaboration with the LAAS ROB department and signal-processing SISU team of IRAP, these studies now etend to investigations of their use in an adaptative hyperspectral imager where new data acquisition strategies and software/hardware system co-design . The objective is thus to show that the technical hurdles encountered when setting up an optical system and in particular a free-space optics system can be managed more effectively when using up-to-date photonic components.

Additionnally, photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybridation is an emerging activity within the team whereby we seek to demonstrate high-efficiency electrical generators that harvest the uncaptured and lost energies from solar cells.