PHOTO : Novel concepts - Multifunctional photonic crystals

Research Topics - PHOTO / Novel integration concepts for photonics / Multifunctional photonic crystals

An ultimate path of photonic integration studied by the team consists in designing, modelling and manufacturing photonic crystals that simultaneously perform several optical functions. In particular, we focused on mesoscopic self-collimation in photonic crystals that combine various optical functions (slow light, zero chromatic dispersion, ...) with light propagation without energy spreading in a structure without optical waveguide. This study began during the ANR CLAC project and continues as part of an international collaboration with the Politecnico di Bari in Italy.

In particular, we focus on the control of the reflectivity in mesoscopic self-collimating structures and the conception of stable, high-Q 2D cavities based on planar mesoscopic self-collimating mirrors.



Mesoscopic self-collimating mirror efficiently reflecting and refocusing a spherical wave.
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