PHOTO : Novel concepts - Integrated plasmonics

Research Topics - PHOTO / Novel integration concepts for photonics / Integrated plasmonics

The possibility of absorbing, confining, focusing and guiding light through plasmonic nanostructures has opened up a route for fundamental studies and new applications in various fields (health, energy, telecommunications). Within the photonic group, we seek to: (i) integrate plasmonic functions into devices in order to optimize the optical emission, absorption, guidance, filtering or focusing. (ii) develop a multi-functional approach by exploiting the ability of metal nanostructures to selectively transmit light, generate thermal hot spots and drive current. (iii) take advantage of plasmonic metasurfaces and two-dimensional quantum wells in order to enhance the photo-generation of charge carriers for photo-voltaic and photo-catalytic applications.


Thermo-plasmonics experiment in a hybrid nanostructure consisting of gold nanoantennas covered with a MoS2 monolayer. Nanoantennas efficiently absorb light, converting it into electron-hole pairs that relax their excess energy by emitting phonons. ACS Nano, 12682 (2014)


Collaborations :

Local : R. Péchou (CEMES), J. Grisolia (LPCNO), P. Fau (LCC), K. Makasheva (LAPLACE)

National : N. Javahiraly (ICUBE, Strasbourg), J.R. Huntzinger (L2C, Montpellier)

International : J. Lou Rice University (Houston), N. Large (Univ. Texas San Antonio), S. Tripathy (IMRE, Singapore)


Related projects :

Projet région Occitanie Dimension 


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