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One of the research topics of the PHOTO team is to evaluate the benefits of using photonic crystals to improve the performance and functionalities of semiconductor lasers. In this theme, we are interested in several laser architectures ranging from all-photonic crystal lasers to hybrid structures that mix photonic crystals with more traditional ribbon guide systems.

Distributed Feedback lasers (DFB) using photonic crystal guides with defects have been at the centre of the team's studies over the past decade. These studies have been carried out within the framework of several projects (CRISTEL,..., MIDAS) and have been more particularly dedicated to the realization of single mode transmitters whose wavelength is entirely controlled by the photonic crystal. The use of semiconductor membrane technologies operating under optical pumping  has enabled us to carry out experimental demonstrations of new cavity concepts based on photonic crystals, from the study of optimized Wn structures with high robustness against optical reinjections to the study of laser cavities in disordered systems, or, currently, the experimental study of cavities based on mesoscopic autocollimation systems. In parallel, our work focuses on the demonstration of laser cavities with photonic crystals operating under electric pumping, either in all-photonic crystal approaches or in pragmatic approaches combining ribbon laser diodes and periodic structuring.



Left: SEM image of a single-mode laser array with photonic crystals fabricated on a suspended (In)GaAs membrane; Inset: detailed view of the W3 Gamma-K photonic defect guide defining the laser cavity. Right: SEM side image of an all-photonic crystal laser operating under electric pumping.



Institut d'Electronique du Sud, (IES) équipe Nanomir



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