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Towards on-chip frequency combs

Frequency combs are novel optical sources which emit a set of equi-spaced frequencies whose prime applications include metrology, advanced spectroscopy, telecommunication synchronization, high-purity RF synthesizers, and the precise calibration of instruments. Our work aims to evaluate the feasibility of making the whole optical frequency comb on a semiconductor chip. The considered approach is based on the use intra-cavity Kerr-effects in a whispering-gallery-mode cavity excited by a single-frequency laser. The activity covers all aspects i.e. resonator design, fabrication in a monolithic approach using GaAs/AlOx technology as well as device characterisation.

In parallel, having established the fabrication of ridge inter-band Cascade Lasers (ICLs) to evaluate the ICL gain characteristics for mid-IR VCSELs for the « Mi-MICSEL » ANR project , a new strand of work will be devoted to the demonstration of mid-infrared frequency comb laser diodes. Within the « Active comb » ANR project and in collaboration with ENS, IES and C2N, we will aim to develop actively and passively mode-locked ICLs based on multi-section laser diodes.


Whispering-gallery mode resonators vertically-coupled to their AlOx-apertured access waveguides.



Contrat R & T CNES R-S13-LN-0001-025.
ANR « Active Comb » 2020-2023

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Nonlinear frequency conversion

Nonlinear frequency conversion is a technique that has enabled the wavelength diversification of the emission from gas and doped-dielectric lasers and that could also be used in silicon-based photonics systems. In this context, we investigate how nano-structured devices can be effectively used to implement such frequency conversion schemes.

In particular, the study of the nano-structured filters has led to the emergence of CRIGFs as attractive candidates to perform such frequency conversion given their ability to efficiently store energy in these high Q-factor (>1500) micrometric cavities and their straightforward excitation by pump/signal beams. Our current work aims to explore the potential of such devices and other nano-structured surfaces of AlGaAs or lithium niobate on insulator to generate signals by three-wave nonlinear mixing (secod harmonic generation, optical parametric oscillation, difference or sum frequency mixing).

Second harmonic generation in a 1555nm-resonant CRIGF



 ANR ASTRID « Reson » 2020-2023

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