Photonics - PHOTO

Head : Stéphane CALVEZ
PhD student representative: Léopold BOUDIER
The Photonics team in september 2021


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The Photonics team research activities deal with the integration of photonic and photovoltaic devices into embedded and embedding systems and, more specifically, with the demonstration of advanced integrated systems and multi-functional devices. The objectives, common to those defined by the community as whole, are to demonstrate complex, compact and high-efficiency systems with enhanced commercial potential and higher relevance to society. More precisely, the team aims to evaluate in full and demonstrate the potential of novel micro-/nanotechnology-based devices that are tailored, if needed, to be suitable for integration into photonic or photovoltaic systems.

The work relies on cleanroom technological developments and concerns several interleaved research strands: optical system integration, monolithic integration of photonic functions, photonic devices for energy. This research capitilises and builds upon the complementary expertise of the members of the Photonics team in nanophotonics (photonic crystals, plasmonics), in micro/nano processing (of GaAs, GaSb, glass, Si and derivative materials) and in characterisation.