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Responsable : Stéphane CALVEZ
Photonic team 2014

Photonics team gathers 8 permanent reasearchers, together with their doc and post-docs. The reasearch actvity focus on two main scientific directions :

  • On chip integration of photonics
  • System level integration of optics

The general objective is the demonstration of novel functionnalities and novel concepts for optical systems with a strong emphasis on integrated photonic systems. The activity ranges from key micro-nano technological buiding blocks development to feasability demonstration of high performance - heterogeneously integrated - photonic  systems on III-V and Si platforms.

The reasearch work is organized along three main axes that are artificial materials, advanced photonic components and novel optical systems.

research topics in the photonic team
Research activities of the photonic team


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III-V and Si photonic multifunctional integration in systems
 Technological building blocks Systems Integration:
non conventional optics
 Integration concepts: heterogeneous integration, material physics, ... 
  Novel components and devices  
  Artificial materials: photonics and electronics properties engineering  

Research topics in the Photonics team

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