PhD programs

The laboratory is a host laboratory for four doctoral schools:

  • Systems (ED 309 EdSys) whose specialties cover automatics, industrial engineering, computer science, robotics, and embedded systems.
  • Electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications (ED 323 GEET) whose specialties are on micro and nanosystems, electromagnetism and high frequency systems, photonics and optoelectronic systems, components and systems for energy management, electrical engineering, plasmas engineering,  radiophysics et medical imaging.

  • Mathematics, computer science, telecommunications Toulouse (MITT ED 475), particularly through its specialties within the computing and telecommunications: analysis and synthesis of image, indexing, human-computer interaction; reasoning, decision, networks, architectures; software security, signal processing.

  • Material Sciences (ED SDM 482) whose specialties within the physics, chemistry, material science and engineering.

And the transverse doctoral school Aeronautics Astronautics (ED AA 467).

The majority of regular faculty members of the laboratory (about 90%) are members of the top three institutions UPS, INSAT and INPT. They coordinate and / or participate in various training and, in particular:

  • At UPS: The Electrical engineering and automation master degree (EEA) and its specialties Electronics for Embedded Systems and Telecommunications (ESET), Real-Time Systems Engineering (ISTR) and Intelligent Systems and Microsystems (SMI), the  Engineering of matter: Modeling of Physical Processes master 2 degree (IM2P2), the Master Engineering course (CMI) and the specialties Interactive and Robotic Systems (IRS) and Telecommunications and Computer Networks (TRI) UPSSITECH
  • At INSA, the specialties Computer and networks engineering (IR), Automatic control and Electronics (IA) and Applied Physics (GP)
  • At ENSEEIHT the specialties Electronics and Signal Processing Engineering (EN) and Electrical Engineering and Automatics (EA)

LAAS is a founding member of the two university workshops: AIP (Inter-University Industrial Automation Workshop) and AIME (Inter-University Microelectronics Workshop).