Partner associations


LAAS-CNRS is a member of the National Association for Research and Technology (Association nationale de la recherche et de la technologie - ANRT), which supports the CIFRE program.
As such, the laboratory is an active member of the SME Innovation Club and territories, created in March 2012 by the ANRT.


LAAS-CNRS hosts two associations:

  • GIPI, innovation club for industry
  • the Southwest and Midi-Pyrénées area delegation for Jessica France/CAP’TRONIC.

As these associations aim to promote innovation among their members, the laboratory is naturally involved in their governance and participates in their activities.


The laboratory is also a member of the Alliance des composants et systèmes pour l'industrie de l'électronique (ACSIEL), ormed by the merger of Gixel (Groupement des industries de l’interconnexion, des composants et des sous-ensembles électroniques) and Sitelesc (Syndicat des industries de tubes électroniques et semiconducteurs).