The OwnWall project obtained the second place at the Siemens TAPAS challenge 2018

Tuesday, 11 September, 2018
©Christian Horn

A 3 minute pitch and the scrutiny of Siemens board of experts...
and the OwnWall project presented by Luiz Lavado Villa placed second at the Siemens TAPAS challenge 2018 !

 Heralded by the jury for its vision, the OwnWall project presented the use of modular power converters as a mean to drive energy access in poor regions of the world.

This modularity allows field practitioners to adapt the hardware and software to different field conditions, thus reducing time-to-market of their solutions and diversifying their own business models. To illustrate a modular micro-grid, the OwnWall team presented a prototype that uses two modular power converters to build a multiple-voltage DC grid and a 230V AC grid. The TAPAS challenge was a great opportunity to validate the idea of software portability between different modular power converters. The OwnWall project will now focus on deploying a flexible experimental micro-grid at the Lauragais region in the south of France to take the expertise from the lab to the real-life terrain conditions.


Luiz Lavado Villa is an associate professor within the Power Management System Integration team