OpticAl Sensors and smart Integrated Systems - OASIS

Head: Julien PERCHOUX
Secretary: Emmanuelle TRONCHE
PhD student Representative: Armel BIHAN


In what’s called the Internet of Things, we investigate sensorics through the physical limits and performances of real-time remote embedded optoelectronic sensors (accuracy, signal to noise ratio, bandwidth, robustness in harsh environments, long term measurements,…) from solid targets to fluidics.

Our research is paving the way to functional diversification of sensing devices by migrating from the system board-level into a particular package-level (SiP) or chip-level (SoC) system solution, according to the concept More than Moore (analog and mixed signal design technologies for sensors, new methods for co-design of SIP and biotechnology).

We are essentially investigating new interferometric-based measuring systems and integrated electronics for optoelectronic systems.