Jean-Bernard Lasserre in search of the optimum

Monday, 14 March, 2022 - 00:00 to 23:30

The 2021 Grand Prize of Inria - Académie des sciences, awarded to Jean-Bernard Lasserre for his entire career, is an opportunity to look back at the career of this researcher, the originator of a new method in mathematical optimization that has made him famous.

It is with the serenity of those who have found the exact niche of their happiness that Jean-Bernard Lasserre welcomes us in the room adjacent to the library of the Laboratory of Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS-CNRS), in Toulouse. For once, it is he who starts the questions, driven by the curiosity inherent to the researcher. No word escapes the benevolent attention of his blue-green eyes. At the moment of explaining the heart of his work, concerned about the good understanding of his audience, he suddenly becomes animated, and, like a painter in a creative impulse, blackens the white board with diagrams, as he speaks.

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