To anticipate the interdisciplinary challenges of emerging and future systems, LAAS identified two strategic axes: Adream and Alive. They are based on the four major disciplines that have been the hallmark of the laboratory since its inception: computer science, robotics, automatic control and micro and nanosystems.

Within these disciplines, research at LAAS revolves around 8 topics in 22 research teams, the basic units of research at the laboratory:

The 22 research teams of the laboratory are :

LAAS works on various types of systems: micro and nano systems, embedded systems, embedded systems, distributed large-scale systems, biological systems, mobile systems, autonomous systems and critical infrastructures, with application areas such as aeronautics, space, transport, energy, services, health, environment, telecommunications, manufacturing and defence.

LAAS is also institut Carnot, label that greatly emphasizes the multidisciplinary skills of public research in favor of socio-economic world.