Energy Autonomy of Batteryless and Wireless Embedded Systems

Thursday, 1 June, 2017 - 00:00 to 23:30

Jean-Marie Dilhac and Vincent Boitier (ESE team) have recently published a book entitled Energy Autonomy of Batteryless and Wireless Embedded Systems. Numerous new applications of embedded systems are envisioned in the context of aeronautics, such as sensor deployment for flight tests or for structural health monitoring. However, the increasing burden of on-board cabling requires wireless solutions. Moreover, concerns such as safety or system lifetime preclude the use of electrochemical energy storage. Ambient energy capture, storage and management are therefore key topics. 

This book presents these concepts and illustrates them through actual implementations in airliners. With five years of experience within the specialist field, the authors present results from actual flight tests via a partnership with Airbus. Basic concepts are summarized, together with practical implementations in airliners, enriching the book through the very specific aspects related to embedded systems deployed in aircrafts. This book will appeal to both students and practicing engineers in the field.