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1st october 2022 - Start of the PhotoGeNIC project

The EU HORIZON project PhotoGeNIC recently started, see more informations on the website:


11 july 2022 - Welcome to Tom !

We are happy to welcome Tom Fraysse, our new intern from INSA Toulouse. His internship, in the framework of the joint laboratory OPALE between LAAS and the company ESSILOR aims at developing an automated bench to measure the focal length of lenses.


4th july 2022 - New publications on CRIGFs

Our latest results on the development of CRIGFs in the framework of our collaboration with the Fresnel Institute have led to three publications to be found in Optics Express:

  • Fehrembach et al., "Dark mode-in-the-box for enhanced second-harmonic generation in corrugated waveguides", Optics Express 29, 40982 (2021). doi: 10.1364/OE.444054

  • Monmayrant et al., "Cavity resonator-integrated guided-mode resonance filters with on-chip electro- and thermo-optic tuning", Optics Express 30, 16669 (2022). doi: 10.1364/OE.457149

  • Popov et al., "Extreme enhancement of the quality (Q)-factor and mode field intensity in cavity-resonator gratings", Optics Express 30, 25390 (2022). doi: 10.1364/OE.464695


29 june 2022 - Funding of the ANR project SWEET

We are happy to announce the funding by the ANR of the project SWEET, in collaboration with CHREA, INRIA (Sophia Antipolis) and NAPA. This project is centered on the development of active metasurfaces for 2D lidar applications.


27 june 2022 - Welcome to Clément!

We are happy to welcome Clément Paillet, our new intern from INSA Toulouse. He will work on building a setup to measure components for integrated optics using grating coupling.


2 june 2022 - Welcome to Maha!

Welcome to Maha Ben RHOUMA, postdoctoral researcher in the framework of the joint laboratory OPALE, working on the modelling and numerical simulation of non conventional optical structures!


20 april 2022 - Funding of PhotoGeNIC projet

We are happy to announce that our PhotoGeNIC project has been granted by the European HORIZON-RIA. The project scope is to develop an innovative technology of germanium (Ge)-based VCSEL. The main objective is to develop a Ge-VCSEL epi-growth by MOCVD and MBE techniques and processing of high performance and reliable lasers to be integrated in 3D camera and LiDAR demonstrators. The key challenge is to achieve high crystal quality of grown layers while taking the advantage of a better crystallographic lattice sameness between Ge and Al gallium arsenide (GaAs), which enables to decrease misfit defects density and in consequence to increase the quantum efficiency of the device.


11 april 2022 - Welcome to Sélyan !

We are happy to welcome Sélyan for a M1 internship in our team ! He will work with us on building a setup to study experimentally the heat generated by thermoplasmonic nanoantennas, meant to be integrated in a hybrid photovoltaic-thermoelectric system.


28 february 2022 - Welcome to Léopold !

We are happy to welcome Léopold our new intern ! His internship, in collaboration with the TEAM service at LAAS, focuses on the development of nanoimprint replication processes to achieve large area and high fidelity patterning.


25 february 2022 - New publication on the fast reconstruction of hyperspectral images

Our latest results obtained in the framework on the ANR Astrid project ImHyPas have now been published in Optics Express: 10.1364/OE.448893. They present the fast reconstruction of hyperspectral images from coded acquisitions using a separability assumption.


07 february 2022 - New publication on the design of hybrid photonic/MoS2 devices

Our latest work on the design of hybrid structures combining a monolayer of MoS2 and photonic gratings are now published in Materials Research Express. In particular, the numerical design we propose has been done while taking into account the technological constraints due to the MoS2 growth as well as the fabrication of the photonic gratings. This work has been carried out in the framework of the Regional project DIMENSION.


31 january 2022 - PhD defence of Sergio Ivan Flores Esparza

Sergio Ivan Flores Esparza will defend his PhD entitled "Cavités actives laser à autocollimation mésoscopique" on the 31st January 2022 at LAAS-CNRS in front of a jury including Fadi Baida (FEMTO-ST Université de Besançon),  Antoine Moreau (Institut Pascal Clermont Ferrand), Nadia Belabas (C2N, Paris), Arnaud Arbouet (CEMES), Antoine Monmayrant (LAAS-CNRS) and Olivier Gauthier-Lafaye (LAAS-CNRS).


07 december 2021 - New publication on the selective wet oxidation of AlAsSb alloys on GaAs

Our latest results on the study of the selective wet oxidation of AlAsSb alloys quasi-lattice matched on GaAs substrates have been published in AIP Advances: 10.1063/5.0073200.


29 & 30 november 2021 - Joint lab ESSILOR-LAAS highlighted during CNRS Labcom day

OPALE, the joint lab ESSILOR-LAAS in which we are involved, has been one of the ten joint laboratories selected to be part of the CNRS Labcom day which took place on the November the 29th and 30th, 2021.


26 november 2021 - PhD defence of Maxime Levillayer

Maxime Levillayer will defend his PhD carried out in collaboration with ONERA and CNES and entitled "Development of InGaAsN solar cells and characterization of their degradation in space radiative environment" on Friday 26th of November 2021 at LAAS-CNRS in front of an international jury including Corinne Aicardi (CNES), Inès Massiot (LAAS-CNRS), Mircea Guina (Tampere University), Karine Coulié (Aix Marseille Université), Stéphane Collin (C2N), Romain Cariou (CEA-LITEN), Laurent Artola (ONERA) and Guilhem Almuneau (LAAS-CNRS).


26 october 2021 - Launch of the joint lab RIBER-LAAS

EpiCentre, the joint lab between LAAS-CNRS and RIBER, will be launched on october the 26th, 2021.

6 october 2021 - Funding of the project Quantum Technologies "Quet31"

We are glad to announce the funding of the project "Quet31" on Quantum Technologies by the Région Occitanie thanks to the REACT-EU program. 


30 september 2021 - New publication on the engineering of lateral oxidation of AlAs

Our latest results on the use of silicon implantation to engineer the kinetics and anisotropy of the lateral oxidation of AlAs can be found in Optical Materials Express : 10.1364/OME.441062. This approach opens the way towards novel geometries for lateral confinement in photonic devices such as VCSELs.


29 september 2021 - New publication on the design of photonic crystals for mesoscopic autocollimation

Our latest work on a novel method to design mesoscopic photonic crystals for light autocollimation, carried out by our PhD student Sergio Ivan Flores Esparza, have been published in Optics Express : 10.1304/OE.439030. This method allows to take into account all possible incident angles in order to reduce losses.


22 september 2021 - PhD defence of François Renaud

François Renaud will defend his PhD entitled "Génération de seconde harmonique dans des structures à réseaux résonnants en cavité" on wednesday, the 22d of september at Institut Fresnel, Marseille.


21 september 2021 - Kick-off meeting of the joint lab ESSILOR-LAAS

Our team PHOTO is thrilled to take part of the kick-off of OPALE, the joint lab ESSILOR-LAAS.


01 september 2021 - New publication on hybrid Au/MoSe2 structures

Our latest results on the study of hybrid Au/MoSe2 structures, in collaboration with CEMES and Rice University, can be found in Materials Today Nano 10.1016/j.mtnano.2021.100131.

20 july 2021 - Project HYDRES to be funded by the ANR

We are very pleased to start soon the project ANR HYDRES "Hybrid photovoltaic-thermoelectric systems for solar energy harvesting" in collaboration with the Institut Jean Lamour at Nancy.


13 july 2021 - New publication on the realization of InGaAsN sub-cells by MBE

The latest results of Maxime Levillayer on the demonstration of InGaAsN sub-cells for multijunction applications grown by molecular beam epitaxy with a short-circuit current density close to 8 mA/cm2 are in IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics : 10.1109/JPHOTOV.2021.3093048.


7-8 july 2021 - Antoine Monmayrant invited to the INSU-INSIS workshop on remote sensing

Antoine Monmayrant is an invited speaker at the 2nd INSU-INSIS workshop on remote sensing for Earth observation. He will present his works on hyperspectral imaging.


5-9 july 2021 - Congrès OPTIQUE de la Société Française d'Optique

We will be attending the OPTIQUE 2021 congress in Dijon for several oral and poster presentations.

Wednesday 07 12.15-12.30 : Renaud François - Bistabilité optique et non-linéarité dans des réseaux résonnants (CRIGF) (oral, Session Nanophotonique #2)

Wednesday 07 16.30-18.30 : Calvez Stéphane - Modulation optique visible induite par un matériau à changement de phase (Session PO-01 poster H01)

Wednesday 07 16.30-18.30 : Flores Ivan - Stratégie de conception améliorée pour l'autocollimation mésoscopique (Session PO-01 poster E56).

Thursday 08 11.30-11.45 : Monvoisin Natan - Source structurée spectralement pour le suivi de procédés de microfabrication (oral, Session CDOP #4 "Sources et systèmes de mesures de paramètres physiques")


23 june 2021 - Kick-off meeting of the Joint Lab RIBER-LAAS

The PHOTO team is excited to be part of this great project !


21-25 june 2021 - Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe

We will (virtually) attend the CLEO Europe conference for several oral or poster presentations:

Wednesday 23rd 13.30-14.30: Dory Jean-Baptiste - Optimum absorption of MoS2 monolayer using CRIGF (poster, EI-P.6)

Thursday 24th at 14.45: Hemsley Elizabeth - Fast, frugal image reconstruction with a dual disperser hyperspectral imager (oral, CH-9.2)

Friday 25th at 8.45: Flores Ivan - Enhanced design strategy for mesoscopic self-collimation (oral, CK-7.2).


07 june 2021 - Welcome to our new interns !

Welcome to all our new summer interns: Adrian, Clément, Margaux, Mathéo, Mathias, Maud, Salma, Sylvain, Ulysse, Vivien.