Networks and Communications

 Head: Philippe OWEZARSKI
 RC Days and Workshops

Research teams:

SARA: Services and Architectures for Advanced Networks

Scientific scope

  • Research objects​:
    • Networks, New generation communication networks and their applications. 
  • Study's objectives: 
    • Mastery of design, planning, deployment management, and supervision. 
  • Contribution:
    • Development of methods, models and tools, proposals for architectures, protocols and services.
    • Analysis, performance evaluation, control and prototyping software and communication platforms.
  • Challenges:
    • Modelling and control of large scale dynamic systems.
    • Design of systems with hard requirements (functional and non-functional) and stringent constraints (energy, resources).
    • Service continuity and quality in mobile networks.
    • Dynamic and autonomic service and event-oriented, component-based software architecures.

Research areas and platforms

  • Traffic Monitoring, Modeling and Analysis 
    • Predict, optimize, and monitor performances.
    • Stochastic modelling and distributed control.
    • Development of metrology tools.
  • Network Planning and Optimization
    • Routing and deployment optimization.
    • Equipements sizing.
    • Looking for optimal topologies.
  • Protocols for Adaptiveness and Guarantee
    • Protocols and basic mechanisms for adaptive QoS or guaranteed communication services.
    • Methods for discovery, composition and dynamic configuration. 
  • Architectures for communication and services
    • Highly constrained and heterogeneous, dynamic and large-scale contexts.
    • Coherence among the applications requirements and the environments's constraints.
  • Distributed Algorithms and Application
    • Determination of the global state, termination.
    • Peer to peer computing, massively distributed environments.
  • Experimental Plateforms
    • Protocol architectures and mechanisms.
    • QoS, Security and Supervision. 
    • Sensor networks, Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine communications
    • Large networks, dynamic networks.